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Get the 36+ of the best UK Radio Stations all in one app. Beautifully designed and free to use. Available on iPhone® and iPad®.

Available on iPhone and iPad

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Introducing Radio Plus

Explore the best radio stations in a beautifully simple app. Enjoy a wide choice of music or speech from the biggest chart music to the latest news.

Key Features

Let’s talk about what makes us different

Beautifully Designed

We’re all about user experience and we’re setting out to be the best looking, easiest way to listen to radio.

Only Broadcast Stations

We are currently only allowing professional broadcast stations on app

Built in the UK

Radio Plus is proudly built and maintained in the U.K.

¡Hola Espana!

Radio Plus has now launched in Spain. If you’re listening from Spain you will get to listen to the best Spanish radio stations from across the country.


The Radio Plus story so far …

March 2019

Pen and paper mock ups designed and prototypes built

April 2019

Version 1 Launched on Apple App Store as LiveNow Radio

September 2019

Version 2 Launches with Alarm Clock, Sleep Timer & lots of behind-the-scenes features

November 2019

Version 2.2 tests new ability to show radio stations to users based on their location

Android coming soon

We are currently working on releasing an Android version to the Google Play Store. This will be launching in Q1 of 2020.

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